Fat Burning Workout And Weight Loss Exercises


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The best fat burning workout at home  is one that incorporates all calorie-burning, metabolism-boosting, lean muscle-building mechanism in the body. To effectively increase your metabolism as high as possible during your workouts, will need to be intense but short of durations.

Begin by eating a healthy and balanced diet before you begin your workouts. This ensures that you are not a deficient in vitamins or minerals. Good nutrition is crucial because it allows your body to benefit a lot more from the workout that you do. You also need some fat burning supplements to enhance and get the maximum benefits from your workouts

In fact any exercise makes fat burning possible in some way, however most fitness experts recommend the ones they think will result maximum fat melting results in the least amount possible amount of time.

High intensity workouts are best if you want to lose fat and get off excess weight because it forces your body function at a higher energy level than before. With low impact exercises, you end up getting bored since you’re doing the same thing every time and not getting the results you desire. Your muscles and weight will hit a plateau and you won’t be able to work on much of anything.



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A fat loss workout that is intense is effective because it forces your body to work harder in a short period of time. This kicks your muscles, metabolism and even hormones into overdrive so that you burn more energy and weight in less time. These fat burning exercises literally burn fat, oxidize and liquidate the fat in your body faster so that you burn off fat faster.

High intensity workouts are also faster to do; instead of spending an hour or more in the gym, you spend twenty to thirty minutes, which is a lot easier to fit into a busy schedule and cuts out the excuse of having not enough time to work out!

When you perform a lower intensity treadmill or elliptical cardio workout for 30-45 minutes you’re burning a greater amount of total calories as fat, however you expend fewer calories overall from this method of low intensity workout.

With high intensity level workouts, a greater amount of calories is expended overall and as a result, more fat is burnt as well. With low intensity exercise there is no excess stress put on the muscles and as a result, you don’t burn as many calories during the post-exercise period.

If you’re relatively a beginner and your fitness level is lower, you may need to perform steady-state cardio until you’re ready to work at a higher level of intensity. Start with 5-10 minutes of light jogging or walking on an incline and progress weekly from there, starting with an increase in intensity and then transitioning to a longer duration.

So here is a very basic workout program that will definitely help in dropping excess pounds.

The program involves a combination of cardio and weight training. Cardio work refers to raising your heart rate through body motion and burning calories as a result. Any fat loss workout that is high in cardio will result in significant weight loss. Bike riding, jogging, sprinting, swimming, playing basketball, etc are all forms of cardio workouts.

The easiest cardio workout is like walking as it is low intensity. The intent is to raise your heart rate through movement and burning calories in the process. Keep in mind, that if the intensity of a cardio workout is lower you will need longer workout time to have success in losing fat.

Weight training involves lifting weights to increase lean muscle mass. For muscle to develop it needs a lot of calories. People who lift weights routinely know it burns a lot of calories and leads to significant fat loss because of enhanced metabolism.

If you do not have access to weights or a gym there is no reason to worry as you could also perform a number of body weight exercises such as sit ups, push-ups, pull ups and squats as well.

While many people perform only one type of fat loss workout it is best to combine them. If you want to lose weight, spend 30 minutes 3 -4 days a week on cardio and 45 minutes 2 – 3 days a week weight training. If you can follow this routine consistently you will achieve you weight loss goal

Interval Training

Including interval training as a part of your cardio training routine is a great way to quickly raise your heart rate and burn fat. Use running outdoors, a treadmill, elliptical, bike, or any other cardio machine. Start by warming up for three minutes on the machine jogging or bicycling medium impact. Then proceed for approximately a half hour – run hard for a full minute, then walk for a minute eleven times. Afterwards, cool down for 3 minutes just like the warm up. This may sound basic or simple, but you will soon find that it is quite difficult.


Kettle bell

kettle bell

Adding the kettle bell to your workout is a smart way to use your own body weight to do weight training. You can use kettle bells in various ways. Use this simple technique for your kettle bell lift training: hold the kettle bell with both hands between your legs and lift it into the air. Keep your legs bent. Pop your legs up as you lift the kettle bell. This is great in the fat loss workout.



Before doing any exercise or workout it is important to remember to do a short stretch of you entire body. This causes blood to flow to every part of the body. This also allows you to stay healthy and reduce soreness after your workout. Roll a round tube on you muscles, use a band to extend your legs into the air, and do different kinds of squats.




Fat is stored energy and exercises help burns energy, therefore, the fat stored in your body. The more muscles you exercise the more the energy they burn. Doing squats also called “king of all exercises”, is a powerful strategy to strengthen your legs and thighs. Squats work more muscles groups than any other exercise, and as a result burn more fat than any other exercise. The more weight you Squat, the higher the intensity, the more fat you’ll burn.

Following a squat workout, the body and muscles need to recover and the process of muscle recovery burns calories. As a result, squats increase your metabolism for up to 24 hours post-workout, helping you burn fat long after the workout.

There are many ways to do squats – a parallel squat down the middle, right and left sided squats together or separately. It’s also possible to utilize weights to give yourself more resistance. Ideally, do thirty opposing squats with two fifteen pound weights each time in a five group set.


Push-ups can be performed in several different ways. They are great for strengthening the arms and back. There is the traditional pushup, done on the floor in a set for 40 seconds straight. Just follow the instructions below for a full and effective workout.

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